Change Challenge

A 12 Week opportunity to have lots of support to create a fitter, healthier you by setting yourself a Change Challenge. Weekly group hub meetings will educate, inspire and support you in your chosen Change Challenge. You will also have an individual programme with weekly targets and individual support from a Life Quest Worker. Change Challenge has friendly competitions and prizes and team Challenges as well. Change Challenge is held annually. 

Next Change Challenge starts February 2022. To join the change challenge you need to make an appointment with Mihaka to plan your challenge and discuss support required. This process may take more than one appointment.

School of Emotions Tuhinga O Mau ..... Starts soon

School of Emotions is a series of sixteen 1 &1/2 hour workshops which are held weekly. This is an educational NOT a therapy programme and is based on the idea of Emotional Intelligence. Our Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in our mental health and we can improve and strengthen it by gaining some knowledge and skills. This is what the workshops are based on.

Topics include:
Understanding Emotional Intelligence, Finding meaning and purpose in life, creating healthy relationships, dealing with anger, dealing with grief, dealing with loneliness, working with anxiety, developing self compassion.

The next series starts 16 September 2021 and will run every Thursday 10am - 1200pm.

Please register via reception to attend these workshops.



These cover a range of physical health topics over the year. Experts from the community facilitate these workshops and can answer questions you have on their particular health area. Most topics relate directly to the W.O.O.F warrant of fitness. Workshops are advertised on the Centre 401 notice boards and in Planet 401 Magazine. It is important to register for these workshops. Centre 401 hosts 6 Healthwatch workshops a year.

Warrant Of OK Fitness

In the main a serious  physical health issue does not sneak up on us. While the event, for example the diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, cancer, lung disease or diabetes may be a unpleasant surprise, chances are high that  it is often the incremental result of the way we have chosen to live each day.

Yet, we often take our physical health, our bodies for granted. We just expect they will keep on going regardless of what we do to them, what we do to ourselves. Poor physical health is no accident and great physical health isn't either.

Centre 401 Trust is committed to supporting you to live your life to your fullest potential. In order for you to do this however you need to be physically healthy. The information below is one way that we want to support you to achieve this. It includes a Quiz about general health related matters....why don't you find out what you know. The next section is your personal Warrant of Fitness. It covers the most common ingredients for both health and illness for someone of your age and gender. It also provides a 'traffic light' system that suggests what you can do to improve your health in the different areas highlighted, if your answers show that you need to.

Please click your age group bellow to start:

5. Cheap and free health clinics booklet

6. Making 15 minutes with your GP count