Health Watch

School of Emotions

School of Emotions is a series of sixteen 1 &1/2-hour workshops which are held weekly. This is an educational NOT a therapy programme and is based on the idea of Emotional Intelligence. Our Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in our mental health, and we can improve and strengthen it by gaining some knowledge and skills. This is what the workshops are based on.

Topics include:
Understanding Emotional Intelligence, Finding meaning and purpose in life, creating healthy relationships, dealing with anger, dealing with grief, dealing with loneliness, working with anxiety, developing self compassion.

The next series starts very soon!

Please register via reception to attend these workshops.



These cover a range of physical health topics over the year. Experts from the community facilitate these workshops and can answer questions you have on their particular health area. Workshops are advertised on the Centre 401 notice boards and in Planet 401 Magazine. It is important to register for these workshops. Centre 401 hosts 6 Health Watch workshops a year.

Warrant Of OK Fitness

In the main a serious physical health issue does not sneak up on us. While the event, for example the diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, cancer, lung disease or diabetes may be an unpleasant surprise, chances are high that it is often the incremental result of the way we have chosen to live each day.

Yet, we often take our physical health, our bodies for granted. We just expect they will keep on going regardless of what we do to them, what we do to ourselves. Poor physical health is no accident and great physical health isn’t either.

Centre 401 Trust is committed to supporting you to live your life to your fullest potential.

Cheap & Free Health Clinics Booklet

Need information of where in Kirikiriroa/Hamilton you can find affordable and professional health care. Our cheap and free health clinics booklet provide updated information on where the best place could be for you. Let us know if we have missed a great service and we will ensure they are included.

Making 15 minutes with your GP count

15 minutes is not always a lot of time to have with your doctor, so it’s important to make the best use of it. This pamphlet offers some suggestions that may ensure you leave feeling that your heard, that your concerns were taken seriously and that a plan of action is in place.