Who We Support:
  • Individuals who have barriers accessing support due to physical health.
  • Individuals who have been impacted by Covid-19.
  • Individuals who are housebound or isolated due to physical and/or mental health struggles.
Our Support Includes:
  • Providing practical care and information packages.
  • Ensuring access to medical care and support.
  • Providing Manaakitanga, Tautoko and Ngaa korero(care, support, and information) to those with mental distress.
Centre 401 focuses on assisting those who are past or present mental health users. We support in recovery and assisting you on your journey by offering support services. Regular members enjoy access to free services and events. Feel free to inquire or come in to our centre for a visit.

Making an Appointment

If you want to meet with a member of staff to get support with your recovery, set short or long term life goals, or find out more about something at the centre you are interested in, then arrange a appointment at reception to book a time with the right person for you.


We have workers who can help you to get your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health on track and assist with any Mental, Emotional and Physical Health Targets.

Understanding your mental illness and how it effects you can boost your recovery and give you the information you need to improve your health. We can have conversations with you to help you discover your triggers and strengths and come up with a plan to keep you well.

  • Support at doctor appointments
  • Act as your agent with work and income
  • Finding a counsellor and/or health professional
  • Looking at diet and exercise Self Help tips for Mental Health
  • Help to join a support group
  • Access to the John Kirwan depression website. Learning about recovery
  • Managing your wellness
  • Accessing health services


Its your life and we want to help you take life leadership and make your own decisions. We can help you figure out what steps you will need to take to head towards your ambitions. We can help you with your goals, such as finding a new home, getting onto a course, dealing with WINZ, finding new hobbies and friends. We also have tools to help you look at your whole life and find a sense of direction.
We can meet up with you regularly to help you with your recovery work.


Your Recovery Pit Stop

Psycoffogee is a time and place to meet for a coffee at a local cafe with other peers. It serves as a supportive influence to assist with maintaining momentum during recovery.

Psycoffogee goes for an hour and is held at a local bar or cafe. A Rubik’s cube will be visible on the psycoffogee table to easily identify it to newcomers. Loneliness is worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day so come and join us! You don’t have to be a member of Centre 401 Trust to attend Psycoffogee, you just need to be a peer.