Te Whare Whaa Rau Ma Tahi


Centre 401 Trust is still open for appointments, informal peer support and workshops however we ask people to still contact trace and hygiene protocols are to be followed.  

WANT TO JOIN Centre 401 ?

You can join Centre 401 and get Peer Support for Mental Illness by calling the Centre and booking an appointment.

Te Hikoi O Nga Tane

Men's Group

Mondays 1:30PM - 2:30PM

Runs for 15 Weeks Starts 12/10/2020

Register at reception


THURSDAYS 10AM -11:30AM.  STARTS 3RD SEPTEMBER 2020.  16 Weeks 8 TOPICS.  See our Healthwatch page for more info.  

Mental Health Peer & Self Help Centre

Peer Support for people with Mental illness.

We offer a range of ways to benefit from the unique wisdom which we all bring to the Centre from our own experiences of recovery.

People can learn and share this wisdom at some of our weekly workshops or by making an appointment with a Quest worker to have regular catch ups to move forward in recovery and work through challenges you are experiencing.

You can use your creative skills to help with our initiatives such as our Mad Pride Gig, Matariki celebration or Planet 401 Magazine which are creative ways of sharing our stories of recovery.

Or you may just want to enjoy an informal cup of coffee with another person who has come into the Centre for that very same thing in one of our conversation areas.

To join Centre 401 Trust just make an appointment to become a member by calling 838 0199.

  • Wisdom through experience, Peer Support.
  • Being there, being with, being for, being real. 
  • We help people who have experience of Mental Illness.
  • Recovery & self help tools.

Weekly Workshops and Events - please see above for weekly updates on which workshops are running each week.


Lotteries - Tune Up 2020

Wel Energy Trust - Mad Pride 2020

MSD for food parcels for 25 members during level 4.

Bryant Trust, Wel Trust and HCC for grants for 15 tablets, covers and skinny jump for our Technology empowerment project.

Thank you!!