Centre 401 Trust is closed from:

20th December 2019 12noon -----6th January 2020

Workshops start 13th January 2020

This group will meet regularly to plan and then quit smoking and stay quit.


A 12 Week Challenge to change your habits to change your health.  Get individual and group support for 12 weeks.  Choose your own Challenge and targets and be part of a team. Your challenge could be to get fitter, walk more, eat better, drink water, quit smoking, eat 5 plus a day, get out of bed at a certain time, anything you want!  Contact Mihaka now to secure your place on the Change Challenge. Starts late February.

Mental Health Peer & Self Help Centre

Peer Support for people with Mental illness.

We offer a range of ways to benefit from the unique wisdom which we all bring to the Centre from our own experiences of recovery.

People can learn and share this wisdom at some of our weekly workshops or by making an appointment with a Quest worker to have regular catch ups to move forward in recovery and work through challenges you are experiencing.

You can use your creative skills to help with our initiatives such as our Mad Pride Gig, Matariki celebration or Planet 401 Magazine which are creative ways of sharing our stories of recovery.

Or you may just want to enjoy an informal cup of coffee with another person who has come into the Centre for that very same thing in one of our conversation areas.

To join Centre 401 Trust just make an appointment to become a member by calling 838 0199.

  • Wisdom through experience, Peer Support.
  • Being there, being with, being for, being real. 
  • We help people who have experience of Mental Illness.
  • Recovery & self help tools.

Weekly Workshops and Events


Countdown Liverpool st and Dinsdale who donated 2 x baby formulas and gripe water for prem twins.

WEL Trust Grant $2000 for TUNE UP

Jan Maree for MCing Mad PRIDE 

1 day - donations of prizes for MAD Pride

Countdown liverpool st blankets for Tune Up 

Rocket Coffee Roasters for supporting our Bean Insane fundraiser

Thank you!!