Te Whare Whaa Rau Ma Tahi

WANT TO JOIN Centre 401 ?

You can join Centre 401 and get Peer Support for Mental Illness by calling the Centre and booking an appointment.

Tune Up 24th & 25th July 2020

2 days of music, creative writing and comedy workshops held at Link Community Centre.  Tune Up is for anyone with experience of mental illness, you don't have to be a 401 member to attend. More info on our EVENTS page.

WORKSHOPS 6 July- 10 July

CANCELLED WORKSHOPS:   Turning Leaves, Te Reo, Toi, job Quest


Thursday's on Centre 401's Facebook page Mihaka and Vanessa go live with news and updates about the Centre and COVID 19.

Also check out Johns live posts for great tips and stories during lockdown.


MAY/June  Theme Mirror Mirror.   Submit articles to donna@centre401.co.nz. Planet 401 is a recovery magazine for people with mental illness. Any theme or recovery related topics can be submitted. 


TUESDAYS 11:30am we will be running workshops on how to use tablets and their different apps such as facebook, you tube, and google.  NEXT TOPIC:  Google and Google drive.  Bring your 401 Tablet with you to the class.  We have 2 tablets available for people who don't have one. 


Monday and Friday Psycoffogee have moved to Epiphany Cafe, Cassabella lane.

Matariki 15 July 2020

Get involved in planning Matariki.  Contact Mihaka or Marty at Centre 401 to help plan and facilitate activities and celebrations.


We will be pre selling hangi to the community for $15 pick up midday 15th July form 401.  We have 40 to sell so get in first.  You can order and pay at reception or email admin@centre401.co.nz to order and get our bank number.  Cut off date is 7th July to order.

Mental Health Peer & Self Help Centre

Peer Support for people with Mental illness.

We offer a range of ways to benefit from the unique wisdom which we all bring to the Centre from our own experiences of recovery.

People can learn and share this wisdom at some of our weekly workshops or by making an appointment with a Quest worker to have regular catch ups to move forward in recovery and work through challenges you are experiencing.

You can use your creative skills to help with our initiatives such as our Mad Pride Gig, Matariki celebration or Planet 401 Magazine which are creative ways of sharing our stories of recovery.

Or you may just want to enjoy an informal cup of coffee with another person who has come into the Centre for that very same thing in one of our conversation areas.

To join Centre 401 Trust just make an appointment to become a member by calling 838 0199.

  • Wisdom through experience, Peer Support.
  • Being there, being with, being for, being real. 
  • We help people who have experience of Mental Illness.
  • Recovery & self help tools.

Weekly Workshops and Events - please see above for weekly updates on which workshops are running each week.


MSD for food parcels for 25 members during level 4.

Bryant Trust, Wel Trust and HCC for grants for 15 tablets, covers and skinny jump for our Technology empowerment project.

Countdown Liverpool st and Dinsdale who donated 2 x baby formulas and gripe water for prem twins.

WEL Trust Grant $2000 for TUNE UP

Jan Maree for MCing Mad PRIDE 

1 day - donations of prizes for MAD Pride

Rocket Coffee Roasters for supporting our Bean Insane fundraiser

Thank you!!