All workshops are FREE. You don’t need to come every week. Just turn up at the right time and join in. However we do not ask that you try your best to stay on topic and be supportive towards other people at workshops.

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Give Up Smoking

Come along Fridays at 9am if you are interested in giving up smoking come along to our giving up smoking support group.  You just need to be thinking about giving up to join.

State of Mind – Hearing Voices Support Group

State of Mind is a group for people who have/experience sounds, voices, visions, images, beliefs/thoughts or sensory sensations that others around you may not hear, see ,feel or believe.

The group is held every Thursday where in a safe like-minded environment we will  grow awareness & understanding of the voice hearing experience, explore strategies to manage voices, consider the different phases and perspectives of voice hearing and look at finding the meaning in the experience.

Time: Thursdays 1:30 - 2:30 pm (starts 8 April 2022)

Te Hikoi O Nga Tane

We are supposed to be strong Men, successful, capable, dependable and happy; sometimes we aren’t.   We’re supposed to deny pain, worry, areas of weakness and fear; so sometimes we isolate and pretend.

Te Hikoi O Nga Tane (THE MEN’S WALK) is a Men’s only group that creates an environment and opportunity to share, pick up new skills and learn from the experience of other Men. Group participants can expect to gain some education, fellowship and peer support. This is a 15 week programme and is made up of the following areas that impact on a Man’s Life:

The Map of a Man’s Life  14 Steps Towards Manhood, Men and Mates, Men and Work, Men and Fathering, Men and Sex Men and Anger,   Men and Emotion, Men and Anger Men and Health    Men and Addiction, Men and Mythical Characters, Men and Power, Men and Change Men and Celebration.   CONTACT Mihaka to join.  Starts 8 April 2022

Te Toi a Maori – Maori Art

Methodologies and philosophies of Māori art you always wanted to know or share.
Time: Rāapa ia - Wednesday 1:00 pm


Learn and practice waiata.
Time:  Friday 9:30am

He Roopu Manaakitanga

Maori members and staff meet together to discuss and coordinate aspects of personal recovery and service delivery.  This Roopu is for Maori only and is a place to discuss whatever the group decides is important for Maori Health. 

Wednesdays:  10am

Brainwave – Share your thoughts at brainwave topic focus groups.

Questions are asked to inspire discussion. The answers and discussion points are recorded and used to inform the Centres services. We learn from each other.
Time: 9:30 Wednesdays


Mondays 11am - 12noon   Learn how to use a tablet or smart phone to do things like: Facebook, MYMSD, watch TV on demand, send emails.  One to one sessions are available after class to set up your logins etc.

Garden Wisdom – Herb and Veges

If you want to get in touch with your inner Gardener come along to these workshops. You will learn about composting, planting, harvesting, growing and properties of plants. A practical experience you will be able to transfer what you learn into your home garden. 
Time: book in with Vanessa 


Citizen say workshops are a forum to discuss topical issues and forward feedback in the best format to the appropriate people. The workshop includes a few activities to get you thinking and putting forward your opinions.
Time:  Thursdays 11am 

Te Reo Classes – Explore the language and Customs.

From beginner to pretty good. Our Te Reo classes teach from beginners to intermediate level where Tikanga and Kawa are also covered. This is a fun and supportive environment in which to explore the language and customs of our country. 
Time: Monday 9.30am

Cuckoo Productions – Comedy Workshop.

A studio workshop in which skits, stand up, improvisation and other comedy acts are produced and filmed. You can be a writer, and actor, a director, an editor, camera crew, wardrobe or on set design. 
Time: Fridays 1PM

Community Equip & Generator – Help to Plan our 401 EVENTS -

Community equip workshops are where event and project planning happens. Each week one or more upcoming events or projects are developed. Workshops are attended by people who are interested either in the planning, research, development, and promotion etc of an event. This workshop is also where the event day working group is established.   Share community notices, brainstorm ideas for the centre to consider doing, celebrate milestones and achievements both individual and group projects. Get involved in fundraising projects and strategies, and assist with grant applications.Time:
Time: TBC

Stop Rop & Wrap - Life & Recovery Planning.

Use this time to grab some planning templates, pens, paper and the computer to get started on your LIFE EQUIP, Recovery Outcome Plan, Wellness Recovery Action Plan or any other plan you can find. A facilitator is there and available to help you if you want.
Time: Thursdays 10:00am

Mad Jam - Musical theory, jam and more

Mad jam is a chance to get together with other aspiring muso’s to write and practice original songs. 
Time: Wednesday 11:00 – 1:00 pm & Fridays 1:00 - 3:00pm

Home Group – Support and Discussion

Topics can include:
Figuring out what you want in a home
Tenancy Agreements
Home Safety
Budgeting for rent
Home routines
Moving home
Groups will also discuss what comes up from its participants and we can help each other create a great place to live.


Centre 401 has a small basic recording studio. Book in a session to record your music or record a podcast or story.

Music sessions — Mondays

Podcasts  ——Tuesdays

Wordsmithery – If you ever wanted to write this is the workshop for you.

Whether you just want to know how to write a letter to the editor, or get your life story published; write an article for planet 401 or some other publication; write poetry, enter writing competitions or get help with essays and presentations. This workshop we totally focused on providing you with the tools, skills and opportunities to do all this and more. Two hours a week – all about you – in your own words.
Time: Mondays – 11:30am


Workshops for people wanting to get a job.  The workshops have weekly topics aimed to help people learn: Some examples are Job Seeking skills, preparing a routine, top ten employee attributes employers are looking for.

Tuesdays 1pm


Come along to our CV LAB fortnightly to use our computers and templates to build your own CV. with support.

Wednesday 9:30 fortnightly 

Fun Fit

Explore a variety of fun ways to exercise 

Tuesday: 10am