Ma Te mahi ka tino ora - (Work brings health, Maori Proverb)

Job Quest is an Employment Service dedicated to finding and supporting a good job match between a job seeker and employer. Job Quest can help both employers and employees through this process with information, support and advice.

We believe that people with mental illness can be good employees when working in the right job with the right working conditions.

Studies show that work is generally good for health. As well as a financial reward, it gives many of us self-esteem, companionship and status. Employment improves mental health and for many is an important part of their recovery.

Like physical health problems, mental health problems are very common.

Nearly half the population will meet the criteria for a mental illness diagnosis at some stage during their lives, and one in five of us will experience depression in any given year see Mental health in New Zealand.

Job Quest Employment works with the ASENZ principles and the Employment Support Practice Guidelines.

The Principles of Supported Employment

1. Open waged employment: Supported Employment is based in the open labour market; same rewards, same conditions as everyone else.

2. Individualised – based upon partnership: Supported Employment services are expected to meet a client’s individual support needs (whether employer or job seeker). They fundamentally represent a partnership.

3. Direct access to employment pathways: Supported Employment services will facilitate direct access to the labour market (optimally within 4 weeks) developing and utilizing a precise job/person
match – without insistence upon prolonged “getting ready” activities or pre-vocational training.

4. Inclusive services: socially inclusive outcomes: No clients will be “screened out” or denied service based upon a perceived severity of challenge or disadvantage.

5. “Life match” through choices: Work is a means to an end and should complement and enhance a person’s life and well-being, and the achievement of their aspirations and potential.

6. Ongoing workplace support: Support services and strategies are designed to achieve the best possible outcome for both employer and employee, and promote the development of natural supports, which may lead to the withdrawal of formal support services.


We help people who:

  • Want to work
  • Need help getting into the workforce
  • Have a mental illness.

Job Quest helps you find, get and keep a job, find the employment of your choice and is a free and confidential service.



Job Quest employment service works closely with employers all over Hamilton. We are funded by the Ministry of Social Development to assist people with mental illness to find, get and keep a job.

We work with employers to provide job candidates and the support required for them to maintain successful employment.