Ma Te mahi ka tino ora - (Work brings health, Maori Proverb)


Employment is an important part of people's recovery and we provide a service that can both assist a person to get into the workforce and assist employers to recruit and support employees who are productive members of the team.

Mental health issues will effect some of your staff at some stage of their lives. 

Keeping a job when an employee has an episode of mental illness is achievable with the right support and accommodations.

Why use Job Quest Employment Service?

  • Free expertise and support for employers to with recruitment, placement and retention.
  • Free ongoing support for your employee to met your expectations in their role.
  • Information and support around how to support employees with mental health issues which is a growing percentage of the workforce.

How it works

  • We meet with you and discuss your recruitment needs.
  • We match suitable applicants with your vacancy.
  • You interview and make your employment decision.
  • We provide ongoing support to both the employer and employee.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Extra support for you to manage your employer/employee relationship.
  • Extra support for your employee to maintain a productive work ethic.
  • Information on mental health in the workplace.
  • A contact point to discuss any concerns or questions.

What do we offer?

  • We offer assistance to the employee and employer with the purpose of creating a successful employment relationship.
  • Help with your recruitment needs.
  • Education and information to increase awareness for you and your staff on mental health.
  • Candidates that have the right skills for the job and are passionate about their career choice.
  • A dedicated employment support worker to make contact with to discuss any questions or concerns.
  • If you have a working relationship with a recruitment agency we can work alongside both parties.
  • Ongoing support to both you and your employee.
  • We work with people experiencing mental health issues and help them to gain employment.

Healthy Environment

A mentally healthy workplace is crucial for the well-being of your staff. If you have more than six people in your team it is likely that one of them will have been affected by mental illness.
We have access to information and resources on mentally healthy workplaces.

We will support employers to learn how to manage any mental health concerns in the workplace.

Call Jen today on 838 0199 for further information.

Job Quest employment service works closely with employers all over Hamilton. We are funded by the Ministry of Social Development to assist people with mental illness to find, get and keep a job.

We work with employers to provide job candidates and the support required for them to maintain successful employment.